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August 6th marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of your favorite series, Metroid and its amazing heroine Samus Aran! As you may or may not know, this year is also the twenty-fifth anniversary of Nintendo's green-capped Hylian's series, The Legend of Zelda. Although great for Zelda, this also means that Nintendo has chosen to keep its focus on our elf-like hero rather than on our gal Sammy. This does not mean that Samus's birthday will go unnoticed; we and you the fans are celebrating Metroid's 25th birthday. Read all about it below! If you have any suggestions for additions, add them to this page's talk page!

Articles and Blogs

From Music to Paintings, Everything Else!

  • All Your History Are Belong to Us, a YouTube channel dedicated to revealing and reviewing the history of select videogames, has chosen, in honor of Metroid's 25th anniversary, to review Metroid, check out both parts, episodes 22 and 23! (see below)
  • Chris Furniss of Wasabi Sunshine has posted a completed 31 Days of Zero Suit Samus, a series of comics based on daily humorous scenarios for our heroine, Zero Suit Samus. Each comic is free to enjoy, or $10 a print for your room's wall! (see below)
  • Deviant Art's Metroid-club held a contest for best tribute to the original Metroid game. Results are not in yet, however you can judge the results by scrolling down to see the entries!
  • Docjazz4 of YouTube has covered Metroid's original title theme on his ocarinas. Docjazz's video features artwork by foxxprincess from DeviantArt, check them both out! (see below)
  • Harmony of a Hunter has been released! This wonderful album features many pleasant-sounding covers for various Metroid soundtracks. It is free to download at Shinesparkers or Metroid Headquarters. (see below) (Note: an important thing to note is that many have misunderstood posts and taken this as a work of OCRemix, Harmony of a Hunter, however is the work of Shinesparkers with help from various groups)
  • IGNentertainment, IGN's YouTube channel has uploaded a tributary ten-minute piano-and-violin duet cover of the Metroid series' themes for Brinstar, Kraid, Brinstar Jungle, Ridley boss battle, Maridia / Fallen Frigate Orpheon, Phendrana Drifts, and the original title screen. Get your tissues ready to weep in nostalgia!(see below)
  • Metroid Headquarters has released a special podcast including the voice of websmasters Falcon Zero from Metroid Recon, Darren from Shinesparkers, Infinity's End from the Metroid Database, and their own webmaster MetroidMaster1914 from, of course, Metroid Headquarters. Each answers a series of question to reminisce on the past and predict the future of the Metroid series.
  • Metroid Database has started a project creating a bestiary of the entire Metroid series! Each enemy will be given a description alongside unique fan artwork or model rips.
  • Mochtroid127 has performed out a Metroid Medley, as a tribute to not only Metroid but also Metroid Metal, a band reviving Metroid music in hardcore metal rock format.
  • Nintendo of Europe has opened a new Metroid hub website. The site links to available games on the Wii and is quite possibly Nintendo's only sign of celebration thus far towards Metroid's 25th. (see below)
  • Radio Nintendo set out a special Metroid 25th anniversary podcast. That's right, a full episode of Metroid music, be sure to listen to the tunes hosted by Silver Sonic of Radio Nintendo and guest-hosted by none other than Falcool of Metroid Database, and Darren of Shinesparkers! Shinesparkers and Metroid Headquarters also reveal the winner of the tributary haiku contest!
  • Shinesparkers and Metroid Headquarters have put together a special tribute video, various fans, site owners, and even game developers give their thanks and honor Metroid for 25 wonderful years. (see below)
  • ChozoBoy created a pixelated Samus Aran costume as a follow-up to last year's Chozo costume which was featured in the above Shrinesparkers video. Both will be in an upcoming Nintendo Power issue that will contain an interview containing information on next year's Ridley costume.
  • Metroid Wiki is being awesome. Check us out!

Check Out Their Work!

Part one of All Your History's Metroid history review

Docjazz4's ocarina cover of Metroid's title tune

Shinesparkers' Harmony of a Hunter final preview video

IGN's tributary duet video, it's pretty long and worth listening all of it!

Shinesparkers' and MHQ's Metroid-tributary video