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Planet Zebes

Zebes seen in Super Metroid.

Game(s) *Metroid
Solar System FS-176
Neighboring Planets *Tallon IV
Moons 2 unnamed moons
Mass 4.8 Trillion Teratons
Class Class XIX
Landscape Nearly Inhospitable
Dominant Race Chozo
Current Status Destroyed
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This article is about the planet Zebes. For the Super Smash Bros. stage, see Planet Zebes (stage).
Zebes as it appears in Metroid: Zero Mission

Zebes is a planet staple to the Metroid series. The Chozo lived on the planet during Samus Aran's youth. After her home on K-2L was destroyed by a Space Pirate invasion, the Chozo took Samus to Zebes, the home planet of the Chozo. There, according to the manga, Samus was infused with Chozo blood and technology, allowing her to utilize the Power Suit. Samus trained with the Power Suit under her Chozo elders, especially Old Bird. The planet was later colonized by Space Pirates.

The planet is in the same system with Oormine II, Twin Tabula, Bilium and Tallon IV. It is shown being orbited by two moons.

Zebes is described to be a Class XIX planet, that is inhospitable to most bioforms. The planet's crust is primarily Urithic ore, making it ideal for underground tunnel constructions. Zebes has a mass of 4.8 teratons.[1]




  1. "Planet Zebes ​Mass:​ 4.​8 trillion teratons.​
    Profile:​ Planet'​s crust is primarily Urthic ore,​ making it ideal for subterranean construction.​ A class XIX planet,​ Zebes is inhospitable to most bioforms.​ The world was considered unremarkable until it became a base for Space Pirate forces.​
    " —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)

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Planet Zebes

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