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A-Kul, Champion of Aether

Gender Female
Place of death Sky Temple Gateway
Key location Sky Temple Gateway (Already returned)

A-Kul, known by her fellow Luminoth as the Champion of Aether,[1] was one of the ten Keybearers who were sent to collect the Sky Temple Keys during the Final Crusade.[2]


A-Kul was the only Keybearer to complete her mission and place her key in the Sky Temple Gateway. Following devastating attacks on both cadres, A-Kul attempted to send S-Jrs, a fellow Keybearer, back to Aether for reinforcements, but he was followed and overwhelmed by Ing-possessed beasts before completing the mission.[3] By means of her spiritual link with her fellow Luminoth, she was able to record the places where the other nine Keybearers fell in Dark Aether and leave clues for other Luminoth Warriors to discover. The fact that she calls the other Keybearers "my warriors" may indicate that she was in command of the two cadres, which would be concurrent with her title of Champion of Aether.

In life, she was famous for her prowess in battle and wielded great weaponry, including the Dark Beam,[4] Seeker Missile,[5] Dark Suit,[6] Gravity Boost,[7] Dark Visor,[8] Annihilator Beam,[9] and Echo Visor,[10] which were captured by the Ing. When Samus arrives on Aether and quests to destroy the Ing, she recovers these weapons and uses them in her quest.



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