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Artwork of the Accel Charge

The Accel Charge is a suit expansion exclusive to Metroid: Other M. It is a small, yellow, glowing capsule that is one of the rarest upgrades in the game. It allows Samus to charge either of her two chargeable weapons, the Charge Beam (and in turn, Super Missiles) and Power Bomb at a faster rate.

Once all Accel Charges are obtained, Samus' Charge Meter will max out in less than a second.

Locations of Accel Charges

Location Items needed Notes
Main Sector Wave Beam Samus must head to a room beyond a Navigation Room, with an elevator. She must use a charged Wave Beam shot to energize a switch and open a door to the Accel Charge.
Sector 1 No items are needed After passing through a tunnel overlooking a jungle environment, Samus must find a ruined lounge room. The Accel Charge is nearby, easily accessible.
Sector 2 No items are needed Samus must defeat a Groganch on the Experiment Floor, causing an avalanche. The avalanche reveals a passage. At the end of the passage is a pile of rocks that can be destroyed with a Missile, granting access to the Accel Charge.
Sector 3 No items are needed After obtaining the Ice Beam, Samus must destroy a pod on the ground, revealing a Bomb Launcher. Activating the Launcher launches Samus up to the Accel Charge.
Sector 3 Grapple Beam Samus must enter the entrance of the Geothermal Power Plant, then swing across a pit using her Grapple Beam. The Accel Charge is in plain sight.
Sector 3 Power Bombs Samus must head to the room just off the entrance to Sector 1. She must then lay a Power Bomb near a Power Bomb Blast Shield, which awakens a Desbrachian. After its defeat, Samus is free to walk through the uncovered door, attaining her Accel Charge.


In Game Data

Screen data from Other M
This will make you charge faster.[1]



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    This will make you charge faster.
    " —Screen Data (Metroid: Other M)
  2. "Increases how fast the charge gauge fills. " Metroid: Other M Instruction Booklet, Pg 16

Language Name Meaning
French Module de Charge  Charge Module  
Spanish Módulo de Carga Acelerada  Accelerated Charge Module