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An Affinity Weapon is the weapon to which a character is naturally accustomed in Metroid Prime Hunters. Each hunter has their own weapon. Each weapon is usable by each hunter, but the weapon they have affinity for will have an added effect. Each weapon has an opposite, with the exception of the Missile Launcher. A hunter with an affinity for a weapon will be vulnerable to its opposite. In multiplayer, picking up the affinity weapon item will give a hunter their own personal weapon. Some players will chose a certain character simply so they have a better chance of getting a certain weapon in the battle.

The Affinities

Hunter Weapon Opposing Weapons
Samus Aran Missile Launcher --
Kanden Volt Driver Battlehammer
Weavel Battlehammer Volt Driver
Spire Magmaul Judicator
Noxus Judicator Magmaul
Sylux Shock Coil Imperialist
Trace Imperialist Shock Coil