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The Alimbics are a race of beings with superior mental prowess found in Metroid Prime Hunters. They once lived in the Tetra Galaxy, where they had established their technologically advanced civilization.


A great deal of time before the events of Hunters, the Alimbic people colonized the Tetra Galaxy and settled on Alinos and Arcterra. Early on in their time in the Alimbic Cluster, an extraterrestial invasion occurred that blindsided the Alimbics and led to their vow to never be caught unprepared again. Survivors rapidly entered into the arts of war and developed both offensive and defensive technology that surpassed their enemies. The increase in war stock led to a sense of invincibility and brought in a new era of peace in the Alimbic Cluster.


The Tetra Border Wars

The Tetra Border Wars is the first period of conflict mentioned from Alimbic datashades. The event, mentioned in the Battle Sarcophagus datashade, is noted as taking place 2,000 years prior to the creation of that datashade. The wars brought fame to an Alimbic general, named Almiiak, who later got his leadership tested again as the creator of the Alimbic Order of Elders. The Alimbic Order of Elders is the only mentioned governing body within Alimbic society. The settings, timeline for the events during the conflict and opposing force(s) of the Tetra Border Wars is left a mystery.

The Alimbic War

The Alimbic War is the second period of conflict mentioned from Alimbic Datashades. The start of the Alimbic War bagan with Gorea's crash within an Alimbic territory, likely either Alinos or Arcterra. The war lasted three standard galactic months, and since no weapon could destroy Gorea in the cluster, the conclusion of the war resulted in a containment of Gorea. This decision fell upon the Alimbic Order of Elders who decided to create a device called the Seal Sphere to contain the monster. Using this new technology in a system of containment measures, Gorea was locked into solitude in its prison called the Oubliette. The Alimbic War ended in the physical disappearence of the Alimbics, a sacrifice that lead the cluster into further ruin, and the containment of Gorea.


Based on Gorea being a mimick of the Alimbic people, the Alimbics have three legs, two arms, a singular eye and a floating head. The race has a very durable exoskeleton capable of eliminating the effects of temperature extremes. This allowed them to establish on Alinos, a world of extreme heat, and Arcterra, a world of extreme cold. Alimbics are also capable of altering their form through a technique called Essence Transference.