Alimbic Cluster

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Alimbic Cluster
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Metroid Prime Hunters

The Alimbic Cluster is a region of space inside the Tetra Galaxy, largely uncharted and outside of federation control.[1][2] This star cluster drew Galactic Federation interest when they intercepted a telepathic message, which said only, "The secret to Ultimate Power lies in the Alimbic Cluster." Samus Aran was hired to investigate the meaning of the message, and either secure the Ultimate Power for federation control or destroy it.[3]

Eons earlier, a race known as the Alimbics had colonized planets and built a number of space stations within the Alimbic Cluster. Their civilization has since disappeared, except for remaining ruins.[4] Sites they constructed that Samus visits include the Celestial Archives, the Vesper Defense Outpost, the planets Alinos and Arcterra, and the Infinity Void and Oubliette.


  1. "---MISSION FILE 79109---
    "The secret to ULTIMATE POWER lies in the ALIMBIC CLUSTER."
    This repeating neural thread, originating from an uncharted region of the TETRA GALAXY known as the ALIMBIC CLUSTER, was recently intercepted and translated by federation empaths.
    " —Introduction (Metroid Prime Hunters)
    This operation must remain covert. The TETRA GALAXY is outisde of federation-controlled space, and the ALIMBIC CLUSTER is a wild and uncharted region.
    While we have kept our communications classified, we know other entites have intercepted the thread.
    The lure of ULTIMATE POWER will be irresistible to many. Disposition of rival interests is presumed hostile.
    " —Introduction (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  3. "---ROGUE CONTRACT---
    1. Discover the meaning behind this mysterious telepathic message.
    2. If the "ULTIMATE POWER" can be secured, ensure Federation control.
    3. If the power cannot be secured, ensure that it remains secret or destroy it.
    " —Introduction (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  4. "This area was once under Alimbic control. Ruins detected on various planets indicate a vast civilization." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime Hunters)

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