Aqua Reaper

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Aqua Reaper
Aqua Reaper mp1 Screenshot 01.png

Three Aqua Reapers in Phendrana


Metroid Prime

Damages by
  • Flailing
  • Contact

Plasma Beam

Immune to

All other weaponry

Threat Capacity

Damaging, hostile

Natural Habitat

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The Aqua Reaper is an aquatic variant of the Reaper Vine. While similar, they are substantially larger than Reaper Vines and are able to survive underwater, and unlike their surface-dwelling cousins, Aqua Reapers are actually part of a larger, submerged organism.

Aqua Reapers flail if a threat gets too close, causing damage. They have poor eyesight, and rely on a crude sonar sense instead, like their rock dwelling cousins. Unlike Reaper Vines, they are found in groups. Most Aqua Reapers are found in the Frigate Orpheon, but in Phendrana, they are commonly found in groups.

Logbook Entry


  1. "Powerful aquatic tentacle, part of a submerged organism. Similar in nature to the surface-based Reaper Vine, the Aqua Reaper has adapted to a liquid environment. It shares the poor vision of its rock-dwelling 'cousin,' relying on a crude sonar sense to seek prey. Unhindered by water, the Aqua Reaper has considerable speed and strength." — Logbook "Aqua Reaper" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アクアリーパー  Aqua Reaper  

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