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Arm Cannon

The Arm Cannon equipped with the Power Beam


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The Arm Cannon Samus Aran's main weapon. It was built by the Chozo to be used in conjunction with the Power Suit. This is one of Samus's most versatile tools, as it can utilize many extensions such as the Missile Launcher and various beam weapons. Samus's Arm Cannon along with the modifications it can take are critical in many of Samus's missions, giving her passage through many obstructions and granting her the ability to steamroll through weak enemies and kill otherwise near-indestructible enemies by herself, most importantly Metroids.

The Arm Cannon houses few basic abilities, most notably the Power Beam, but is very easily modified much like the Morph Ball and other Power Suit features. Samus uses her Arm Cannon not only for firing weapons, but also for downloading data such as Map Station data or suit upgrades. In Echoes, for example, she uses her Arm Cannon in conjunction with the Energy Transfer Module to restore planetary energy to the Energy Controllers on Aether. She activates various beam weapons by adjusting her hand position inside the cannon, and uses an inner module which she can expose on the left side to make various adjustments.


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The most obvious ability of the Arm Cannon is to fire beam weaponry. These weapons may either stack on each other, allowing Samus to combine the power of many beams into one shot, or they may be interchangeable, giving Samus the option of firing different kinds of beams at a time. Super Metroid gives both options, allowing Samus to turn certain beam functions on and off. Some beams will require ammunition while others will not. The fact that Samus usually doesn't need ammunition to use beams means that she is either powering them using the environment or that their energy usage is negligibly small.

Most notable improvements from Power Beam weaponry include the Charge Beam, Ice Beam, Plasma Beam, and both the Phazon Hyper Beam and Mother Brain Hyper Beam. Each filling their own role appropriate for different situations.

In Metroid Prime, utilizing the X-Ray Visor and the icons on Samus's HUD reveal that Samus changes her finger position to switch between different beams.

Missile Launcher

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The Arm Cannon can be modified using the Missile Launcher to fire many different kinds of Missiles. The Missile Launcher maximizes Samus's damage output, giving her the ability to fire powerful Missiles, destructive Super Missiles, or even multiple Seeker Missiles. The Missile Launcher accompanies Samus through every mission, dealing reliable damage and still providing many exploration advantages.

Samus rotates her arm within the Arm Cannon to activate the Missile Launcher.

Grapple Beam

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Outside of the Metroid Prime series, Samus can fire the Grapple Beam through her Arm Cannon. Samus can use the Grapple Beam to latch onto certain magnetic objects.

Interactions with Data

Samus can use the Arm Cannon to interact with many pieces of technology in use by different organizations. The Arm Cannon can download Maps from Map Stations and command her gunship with help of the Command Visor.