Artifact of Nature

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The Artifact of Nature

The Artifact of Nature is one of twelve artifacts Samus must retrieve from Tallon IV in Metroid Prime. When all twelve artifacts are collected, Samus brings them to the Artifact Temple to open the way to the Impact Crater.

The Artifact of Nature is encased in a brittle pillar in the Lava Lake in Magmoor Caverns. The faulty pillar can be spotted using the X-Ray Visor and destroyed using a Super Missile or a number of Missiles. It can be obtained on Samus's first visit to Magmoor Caverns if the player knows where it is.



  1. "Translating Chozo runes on Totem's surface. A molten Lake lies within the tunnels of Magmoor. Shatter the column at the lake's center to reveal the Artifact of Nature." — Logbook "Artifact of Nature" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 自然  Nature  
Italian Natura  Nature