Artifact of Newborn

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The Artifact of Newborn

The Artifact of Newborn is one of twelve artifacts Samus must retrieve from Tallon IV in Metroid Prime. When all twelve artifacts are collected, Samus brings them to the Artifact Temple to open the way to the Impact Crater.

The Artifact of Newborn is at the end of a treacherous maze, called the Phazon Mining Tunnel, in the Phazon Mines. Because the entire maze is laced with hazardous Phazon, the Phazon Suit should be acquired before attempting to retrieve this artifact.



  1. "Translating Chozo runes on Totem's surface. Invaders mine the depths in their greed. Forge a path through a Tunnel of the Great Poison to claim the Artifact of Newborn." — Logbook "Artifact of Newborn" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 新生  New Birth  
Italian Prescelto  Chosen