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The Artifact of Warrior is one of twelve artifacts Samus must retrieve from Tallon IV in Metroid Prime. It is protected by a Phazon Elite placed in stasis in the Elite Research of the Phazon Mines. Only after Samus frees it with a Power Bomb and defeats the Phazon Elite can she claim the artifact.

When Samus brings this and the other twelve artifacts to the Artifact Temple, she gains access to the Impact Crater.


In earlier versions of Metroid Prime, Samus could leave the Elite Research before collecting the artifact. This, however, would result in the disappearance of the Artifact of Warrior, making the game unbeatable, as players would not be able to access the Impact Crater and defeat Metroid Prime. In later versions, the doors to the room are locked until the artifact is collected.



  1. "Translating Chozo runes on Totem's surface. A room of Research lies within the mines. A corrupted invader is trapped there. Defeat this creature to claim the Artifact of Warrior." — Logbook "Artifact of Warrior" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 戦士  Warrior  
Italian Guerriero  Warrior