Atmospheric Stabilizer

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An atmospheric stabilizer disturbed by the X parasites

Atmospheric stabilizers are units designed to control the atmosphere of the B.S.L research station's Sector 1 (SRX). They were used to form a small-scale replica of SR388's atmosphere. Using these systems, the B.S.L researchers were able to foster rapid development of juvenile Metroids.[1] There are five atmospheric stabilizers, all in separate rooms. Interestingly, Hornoads seem to have concentrated their nests near the Stabilizers, non-mimicked Hornoads can be seen in the backgrounds of these rooms. Each room locks when Samus enters the room until the stabilizer is returned to its original state.

By the time Samus first arrives in Sector 1, the X have begun disrupting the stabilizers in an effort to create an environment optimal for the X themselves.[2] Samus finds the stabilizers disrupted by a structure resembling a Kago nest. While the atmospheric stabilizer is covered by this structure, it will constantly release X into the room, there will be a repetitive sound, and the room will be foggy, representative of the different atmosphere in the area. Samus manages to clear all of the stabilizers shortly after obtaining the Charge Beam.



  • There are a few images released by the developers of Metroid Fusion that showed early versions of the atmospheric stabilizers, shown in the gallery section.


  1. "As you can see, the Federation has been secretly working on a Metroid breeding program. For peaceful application only, of course. Please understand. But perhaps you already knew of this program's existence? Certainly, you must have had doubts when you saw Sector 1. SRX, a faithful replica of the SR388 ecosystem... Ideal for raising Alpha, Gamma, Zeta, and even Omega Metroids. This research even uncovered techniques for rapid growth. Imagine...creating an Omega from a larval Metroid in days... But that research is finished. The X has smelled out its natural enemy, and one of the SA-X is on its way here..." —Adam Malkovich (Metroid Fusion)
  2. "The Main Elevator leading to the access shaft has been severely damaged. It will be totally unusable for some time, unfortunately. Some unknown agent is at work. Something very powerful... certainly not human. I'll report when I know more. Now, listen closely. The X in Sector 1 have invaded the atmospheric stabilizers. They must want to alter the environment to their needs. They are already reproducing. Clear all 5 atmospheric stabilizers to stop them." —Adam Malkovich (Metroid Fusion)