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Auto Defense Turret
Auto Defense Turret.jpg

Two Auto Defense Turrets

Game(s) Metroid Prime
Used by Space Pirates
Located in *Frigate Orpheon

Auto Defense Turrets are a variety of turrets used by the Space Pirates to guard sensitive areas. They attack by firing two projectiles in rapid succession. Like most turrets, Auto Defense Turrets have difficulty striking agile targets.

Samus first encounters Auto Defense Turrets in Frigate Orpheon, these were likely damaged before Samus entered the ship as she is capable of destroying with less firepower than in later encounters. Auto Defense Turrets can be damaged by most of Samus's weapons. They are particularly vulnerable to the Wave Beam, which overloads them causing the turrets to fire erratically before exploding. Samus is also capable of occasionally deactivating Auto Defense Turrets by scanning control panels.

This model of turret was replaced by Mega Turrets, which are shielded and have a more powerful cannon.[1]

Logbook Entry


  1. "Perimeter defense turret reinforced with energy shielding. Frustrated with inferior armor plating on standard defense turrets, the Space Pirates added energy shielding to a modified heavy Cannon. The new shielding and increased Beam strength makes the Mega Turret an efficient point defense weapon." —Logbook "Mega Turret" (Metroid Prime)
  2. "Auto Defense Turret. ​Use Missiles to break outer casing." — Logbook "Auto Turret" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビームタレットKT-0687  Beam Turret KT-0687  

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