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The Battle hammer firing.


Metroid Prime Hunters

Located in

Vesper Defense Outpost - Cortex CPU


Universal Ammo

  • Explosive Rounds
  • Rapid fire
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The Battlehammer is Weavel's weapon of choice in Metroid Prime Hunters. It fires green projectiles that arc downward once shot, and they cause a small explosion on impact. When Weavel uses the Battlehammer, the explosions will be noticeably larger. Holding down the fire button will cause the Battlehammer to continuously fire. Samus obtains this weapon on the Vesper Defense Outpost. This weapon uses the Universal Ammo.






  1. "A levitating spherical sentry droid equipped with 360-degree sensors and a low level teleportation device. The basic silver model fires an energy blast, whereas the advanced green model features a Heavy-Duty gun powered by a nanoscale nuclear reactor." —Logbook entry for Psycho Bit v1.0 (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  2. "The Battlehammer is powered by a miniature nuclear reactor. This Heavy-Duty repeater is recommended only for those familiar with high-caliber weaponry." — Logbook "Battlehammer" (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  3. "The Battlehammer is a heavy-duty mortar-type weapon with moderate firing speed. The Battlehammer has no Charge Attack, but the rapid-fire attack more than makes up for it." Metroid Prime Hunters Instruction Booklet, Pg 27
  4. "When the Battlehammer strikes its target it explodes, cauing additional damage." Metroid Prime Hunters Instruction Booklet, Pg 50