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A group of Beetles encountered in the Chozo Ruins

Damages by


Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat

Beetles are highly aggressive insects found in the Chozo Ruins and Tallon Overworld of Tallon IV. They burrow themselves into the ground and attack anything that comes near them. While they are underground, Samus can detect the Beetles' heat signature with the Thermal Visor.

Ethology and Morphology

Beetles are extremely social and typically attack in large groups. One particularly large group attacks Samus in the Ruined Shrine of the Chozo Ruins before she acquires the Morph Ball. They nest and incubate their young underground,[1] and will put their lives on the line to protect their home and each other. When intruders disturb the nest but remain out of reach, Beetles will put on territorial displays including hopping in place, waving their decorative fins, growling, and barking from a distance.


Plated Beetle

Main article: Plated Beetle

Plated Beetles are larger than an average Beetle and have a significantly harder carapace that can deflect Beam and concussive weapons. Its enlarged red abdomen is its weak point. Unlike regular Beetles, Plated Beetles appear largely solitary.

Ice Beetle

Main article: Ice Beetle

A variant native to Phendrana Drifts, Ice Beetles are a stronger variant covered in a hard ice shell that is susceptible to heat. Ice Beetles prefer to travel in much smaller groups than regular Beetles, usually pairs.

Beetle Blast

Artwork of a Beetle from Pinball

In Metroid Prime Pinball, Beetles star in their own mini game called Beetle Blast. Here, much like many other mini games, Samus's objective is to eliminate all or as many enemies as she can. Samus's Morph Ball stops in front of the flippers, Samus exits Morph Ball mode and points to shoot at burrowing Beetles. The creatures will burrow upwards and out of the ground, swarming toward Samus while she shoots them out with her Power Beam.







Beetles in action.


  1. "Analysis indicates incubating life-forms below the surface." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
  2. "Burrowing insect with a resilient carapace.​ Extremely aggressive. Insect'​s massive mouth enables it to tunnel through solid rock at high speeds.​ Above ground,​ Beetles can cover short distances rapidly.​ They attack anything that moves near their lair.​​​​​​" — Logbook "Beetle" (Metroid Prime)
  3. "A burrowing creature that attacks by charging its prey." Metroid Prime Pinball Instruction Booklet, Pg 15

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ターロンビートル  Tallon Beetle  

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