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Central Reactor Core

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Central Reactor Core

Central Reactor Core while Activated


Metroid Fusion

The Central Reactor Core is an special area on Metroid Fusion, located in the depths of the Main Deck, it serves as the place where all the energy of the B.S.L. is produced and controlled, it is connected to Sector 2 (TRO), Samus goes here the first time after getting the Power Bombs from the Data Room of the Sector 5 (ARC), when taking the elevator, it suddenly stucks due to an sudden energy cut and Samus is forced to enter on a secret passage that leads to the main deck, after getting information on her ship, she goes to Reactor Silo and reaches the Core, that is infested with roots.

After defeating Yakuza and getting the Space Jump, Samus enables the auxiliary energy system and searches the source of the roots, that takes her to Sector 2 (TRO) after being chased by the SA-X, then, she finds and fights Nettori, and after destroying it, the roots on the core disappear.