Central Reactor Core

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The Central reactor core is an area on metroid fusion who supports energy to the B.S.L station,

Caption text
Bosses Upgrades Games
Yakuza Space jump Metroid fusion

The first time we visited that place is when the computer tells us to go back to the ship but when reaching the main elevator it stops and the player must put a power bomb to reach the sub-zero container, After destroying some enemies we will use the shinespark and another power bomb to return to the main deck. the computer tells us that the main reactor silo has suddenly shut down, and all the doors, elevators, and stations won't work, later we will return and meet a kihunter, there we will have to plant a power bomb and enter the silo reactor, a few minutes later we will arrive at the core of the central reactor, and going to the entrance above the right in a while we will reach an eye that is covering the door, when we destroy it we will arrive in a deep blue room with yellow floor and walls, then a sound like charging is heard, and a game boss appears, Yakuza, after defeating yakuza and his core-x we will recover the space jump, and we will arrive at the auxiliary power station where we will activate the emergency power system and the stations will work again, then the computer reveals that the possible cause of the failure of the core of the central reactor was vegetation, After killing some kihunters we will find a hatch and after cleaning it of the vegetation we will arrive at sector 2, and we will have to run for our lives since the meeting with the SA-X will be inevitable, after fleeing from SA-X, we will have to open a secret path on the ground near the door where we hid from the SA-X and we will reach a room that we could not reach before because it was too high, after going up we will save the game and arrive at the room before the eye, When we get to the second room and we shoot up we will kill a kihunter and an eye, we will fall into nettori's room, After defeating nettori and his core-x we will recover the plasma beam and the vegetation that turned off the core of the central reactor will go away and the reactor and the core will work again.

That is the only time we visit the core of the central reactor, but we can see it again if we want.