Ceres Space Colony

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The space colony that houses the Galactic Research Station

Ceres Space Colony houses the Galactic Research Station. The station is a highly sophisticated Federation science facility. When Samus retrieves the last surviving Metroid Hatchling from SR388, she takes it to Ceres Station, so that the scientists of the Space Science Academy[1] can study its energy producing qualities. The scientists conclude that the energy producing capabilities of the Metroids can be harnessed for the good of galactic civilization. Before they can study the Metroid further, the station is attacked by Ridley. A distress call is sent, but Samus arrives too late.[2] Upon arrival at the station, she finds everyone dead and the Metroid, still in its protective casing, in Ridley's possession. After fighting Samus for a brief time, Ridley triggers the station's self destruct sequence and flees, leaving Samus no choice but to retreat. The station self-destructs shortly after departure and is effectively blown out of existence.


Theory Warning: Be advised that the following article or section contains unconfirmed, fan-made theories or speculation.

Ceres is a dwarf planet in the same solar system as Earth. The tiny planet is located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. In Super Metroid, we see the Ceres Space Colony surrounded by asteroids, suggesting that it too is located in or near an asteroid belt, or an asteroid field. This would suggest that the colony is in fact situated in our solar system. The only contradicting evidence for this placement is the nebula we see in the background as Samus is leaving the station. Nebulae this large can not be seen with the naked eye from our solar system. That said, our solar system remains the most likely location for the colony.


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