Chozo Ice Temple

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Chozo Ice Temple
Chozo Ice Temple mp1 Screenshot 01.png

The Chozo Ice Temple as seen from the outside

Game Metroid Prime

Phendrana Drifts

Connected Rooms

The Chozo Ice Temple is a religious site in the Phendrana region of Tallon IV used by the Chozo prior to their abandonment of the planet. Samus Aran must pass through the Temple en route to the Chapel of the Elders, where she can claim the Wave Beam, and return a second time with the Plasma Beam to acquire the Artifact of Sun.


The uppermost exit to the chamber is blocked by a metal gate with a depiction of a Chozo Shaman on its hinge.[1] Samus can identify a corresponding bust of weakened Brinstone with her Scan Visor and destroy it with a Missile,[2] revealing a Bomb Slot beneath its face. When the Bomb Slot is activated the door leading to the Chapel Tunnel will open.

During her first visit, Samus encounters numerous Ice Parasites, Crystallites, and a Baby Sheegoth on the lower path leading up, but these disappear once she defeats the Sheegoth in the Chapel of the Elders and are replaced by Pulse Bombus.

When Samus returns with the Plasma Beam, she can melt the ice holding a Chozo Statue in place over a frozen fountain. If Samus Enters the statue's hands in the Morph Ball, a path will open to the Artifact of Sun.


The Chozo Ice Temple is a testament to the beauty and meticulousness of Chozo architecture. Among the depictions incorporated into the Temple's decor are Brinstone busts of Chozo Shamans, a Philosopher,[3] an Architect,[4] and a Warrior;[5] a massive statue depicting a Chozo balancing the Plane of Existence on his hands;[6] and a statue that originally acted as a spout for a water basin, but has since frozen.[7][8] The structure of the room is supported by large four-sided pillars typical of the area.


Available Logbook Entries

Scan Data


Creature Number Encountered
Baby Sheegoth 1  Before Sheegoth battle  
Crystallite 4  Before Sheegoth battle  
Ice Parasite 4  Before Sheegoth battle  
Pulse Bombu 2  After Sheegoth battle  




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