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Chozo Ruins
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The Main Plaza of the Chozo Ruins.


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The Chozo Ruins are the remains of a great civilization that Samus visits in Metroid Prime and one of the main areas on Tallon IV along with Tallon Overworld, Magmoor Caverns, Phendrana Drifts, and the Phazon Mines.



At an unspecified point in history, Chozo settlers left their home planet of Zebes and colonized Tallon IV. These colonists made a conscious decision to abandon their technologically advanced lifestyle and live in harmony with nature, and their descendants left behind lore to honor their legacy.[1] Consequently, they constructed what later became the Chozo Ruins with simple materials, forming their city's architecture around the natural landscape: buildings were hewn from stone, bridges were woven with branches,[2] halls followed watercourses and chambers surrounded ancient trees.[3] In the deeper portions of their city, they built sentient statues in their likeness,[4] as well as other non-sentient sculptures for purposes decorative and otherwise. Several years after the initial settling began, the Chozo began developing new senses that allowed them to glimpse the future, an evolution that they believed to be a sign of their "harmonization with the infinite;" in these visions they foresaw the coming of a Worm that would destroy their world.[5][6]


Lit runic carvings in Chozo Ruins.

Scan data in the Ruins indicates that the structures of Chozo Ruins are ancient and cannot be dated by regular scientific methods.[7] In addition to the trademark simplistic, unobtrusive, natural materials that make up the Ruins, and the extreme delicacy used to avoid upsetting the preexisting environment,[8] other distinctive Chozo designs make them unique. Smooth, carved Half Pipes, testaments to the painstaking craftsmanship of Chozo builders, appear in several chambers. Mammoth, sometimes luminescent, etchings of ancient Chozo runes are situated decoratively on walls, platforms, and floors throughout the Ruins. Complex Runic Symbols and translucent, runic Holobanners capable of producing nonpolluting, self-sustaining illumination are also found here.[9] Other sources of light include small, blue orbs embedded in walls.[10]

Decorative art includes their statuaries, some in their own likeness and others that honor celestial bodies,[11] ornate wall hangings,[12] and even crude etchings of "birdlike" creatures.[13]

While the Chozo on Tallon IV chose to live without advanced technology, metal hallways connecting two areas through large rock masses are sometimes used, and hallways lined with large pipes venting steam evidence some sort of steam powered system in the area, though its function is not specified. Decorative Radiation Collectors provide solar power to the Ruins as well.[14]


The corrupted Sacred Fountain.

A meteor impact on Tallon IV led to the spread of a Great Poison over the planet's surface, corrupting the ecosystem and mutating the wildlife. One of the mutated creatures took root in their sacred fountain, poisoning the water supply of the city.[15][16] The Phazon corruption even led to hauntings by Chozo Ghosts, called by their fellow Chozo "The Turned" - entities that know no reason beyond the instinctive urge to protect Chozo lands.[17] The Chozo contained the spread of the Poison with the construction of the Cradle but could not destroy it, and so the survivors left knowledge and technology for the Entrusted One they had glimpsed in their visions and abandoned the planet for good.[18][19][20] Time and the Great Poison continued to erode the city until it became overgrown ruins.

When Space Pirate scans detected the energy radiating from the Phazon in the Impact Crater, they came to Tallon IV to investigate.[21] After attempts to breach the Artifact Temple proved unsuccessful, the Space Pirates turned their attention to the Chozo Ruins, hoping to acquire the Artifacts required to unlock its seal. Chozo Ghosts ruthlessly attacked the Space Pirates who came to study the Ruins, which they intended to destroy afterwards, causing several casualties.[22][23]


The purified Sacred Fountain

The Chozo ruins as they exist when Samus arrives are filled with hazards from the lingering Great Poison. Most of the water in the ruins is poisonous and deals damage to Samus when she comes in contact with it as a result of contamination.[24][25] The water purifies after the defeat of Flaahgra, the mutated plant that is the source of the toxic water.[26] Local foliage with basic sentience consists mostly of Tangle Weeds, Venom Weeds, and Blastcaps, plantforms that are well suited to the barren landscape. Ancient trees with gnarled branches and unnaturally withered leaves have suffered, even on the cellular level, from the contamination,[27][28] but managed to stay alive; other plantforms adapted to thrive in the toxic environment.[29]


The abandoned structures and courtyards are home to a wide variety of common creatures, including Beetles, who burrow in the warm sands, and the more ferocious Plated Beetle. The hives of War Wasps, Barbed War Wasps, and Ram War Wasps litter the crevices of the ruins. Immobile Eyons sit on the walls of tunnels, and Scarabs, which travel in large swarms, inhabit similar areas. Stone Toads, which are usually non-aggressive, can sometimes be found where there is water nearby. Shriekbats hang from ceilings, and rock-dwelling Reaper Vines embed themselves in cliff faces and walls. Light-emitting Plazmites stalk abandoned hallways looking for prey. Other lifeforms that inhabit the Ruins include Plated Puffers, Plated Parasites, Pulse Bombus, and Oculus.

Obstacles and Acquisitions

Chozo Ghosts continue to haunt many religious sites after the purification and respawn after Samus leaves a room in which they abide, attacking her at every opportunity. Other unnatural enemies she encounters here include the Hive Mecha and the Incinerator Drone, both of which protect an upgrade; the other creatures defending upgrades are a Plated Beetle and Flaahgra.

The Chozo Ruins contain the most upgrades in the game, as well as five Energy Tanks and nineteen Missile Expansions. The area also has the vast majority of the Chozo Lore on Tallon IV by a wide margin: twelve entries out of sixteen. The Artifacts that are found in the Ruins are Lifegiver, Wild, and World, tying it with Phendrana for the most Artifacts in any area.



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Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョウゾルーインズ  Chozo Ruins  
Spanish Ruinas Chozo  Chozo Ruins  
French Ruines Chozo  Chozo Ruins  
German Ruinen der Chozo  Chozo Ruins  
Italian Rovine Chozo  Chozo Ruins  

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