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Adult Chykka mp2 Artwork 01.png

Official Adult Chykka Artwork


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

  • Belly Flop (Chykka Larva)
  • Tongue Snare (Chykka Larva)
  • Dark Water Bursts (Chyyka Larva, Adult Chykka)
  • Ramming (Adult Chykka)
  • Chykling Swarm (Dark Chykka)

Dark Torvus Bog


Dark Torvus Temple


Dark Visor

Chykka is a massive, rapid growing insect that serves as the Guardian of the Energy Controller in Dark Torvus Bog. Once defeated Samus may claim the Dark Visor.


Chykka Larva

After Samus frees the Chykka Larva from its cocoon, it will begin circling around her. It will occasionally jump into the air and spit a large ball of acid, allowing Samus to damage it. It will sometimes jump straight over the platform and spit a large blast of acid. The Larva may also jump onto the platform that Samus is on and attempt to grab onto her with its long tongue, becoming very vulnerable when it does. If Samus damages it enough it will become stunned then slowly slide back into the water, giving Samus further time to damage it.[1]

Chykka Adult

After Samus damages Chykka enough, it will momentarily disappear before returning in its adult form. The Chykka Adult will attack Samus by ramming and by firing massive bursts of dark water. In order to damage it Samus must first stun it by using beam weapons; all Missile attacks will deflect off it if not stunned. After Samus stuns Chykka, its four wings will become vulnerable. Samus must use several Grapple Points to go around to behind the creature and damage the wings with either a Super Missile or the Seeker Missile. After inflicting critical damage to all four wings, Chykka will fall into the water, emerging as Dark Chykka.[2]

Dark Chykka

Samus can only damage Dark Chykka by firing directly at its eggsac. It will spawn swarms of infant Chykka called Chykling from the eggsac. After Samus damages its eggsac enough Chykka will revert back to its normal Adult form. Once Samus damages Chykka's wings again, Chykka will again become Dark Chykka. The pattern repeats until Chykka's defeat.[3]



Scan Data



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  4. "Interaction with dark energy has mutated the Chykka. Its offspring are now born as flyers, skipping the larval stage completely. These infants are highly protective of their parent, and will streak to attack on sight. They lack their parent's durability, however, making them easy targets." —Logbook (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)
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