Combat Hall

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Combat Hall
Combat Hall.jpg

The Combat Hall

Game(s) Metroid Prime Hunters
Weapons *Affinity Weapon
Unlocked by Starting Stage

The Combat Hall is a room in Metroid Prime Hunters that is also a multiplayer stage. The room is the only way to get to the Alimbic Cannon. There will always be Guardians or a Bounty Hunter in the room. This room can be accessed after obtaining the Judicator, but serves no purpose until all Octoliths have been obtained.


In multiplayer, this stage is small, but has many areas to run and shoot from. The lower level is a small rectangular area with a side hallway. Both ends of the room have a structure that can be shot through, but can also be used to hide. One end without a jump pad has a medium energy, an Affinity Weapon, and a UA ammo. The other end of the room has a jump pad and another UA ammo, along with the Magmaul on the side. The side hallway can be accessed from both ends. It has a medium energy in it, along with a slit that allows shots to be fired out. The second level can only be accessed by the one jump pad. The first end does not have much, but using an alt form tunnel which has a medium energy in it, a small bridge in the center of the stage can be accessed. From this bridge, there is another alt form tunnel with a medium energy that leads to the other side. This secluded area is not easily accessed, and is ideal for sniping. A UA ammo can be found here.


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