Combat Visor

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Combat Visor
Combat Visor HUD

The Combat Visor in Echoes

Game(s) *Metroid Prime
Uses Default Visor, holds extensive HUD optimized for combat situations
HUD #Visor choice
  1. Beam choice
  2. Environmental threat assessment
  3. Missles remaining
  4. Radar
  5. Map
  6. Health
  7. Beam Ammunition (Echoes only)
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The Combat Visor is Samus Aran's default visor. It has been featured in every installment in the Prime series and Metroid: Other M, and is equipped with an extensive HUD.


The Combat Visor not only acts as the visual interface for Samus's Power Suit, but it also features a sophisticated HUD that displays her remaining energy, her Missile ammunition, and an environmental threat assessment indicator. The visor also displays the area map, radar, and Visor and Beam selection. In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the HUD also displays Beam Ammunition.

The visor's main function is realized through its targeting reticule, which can lock on to most creatures and allow Samus to strafe around enemies while firing weapons. The Combat Visor is the only visor in Samus's arsenal to display the normal light spectrum and allow simultaneous use of the Arm Cannon, making it the most versatile visor.