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Chozo Sculpture mp1 Screenshot 03.png

A Cordite sculpture in Chozo Ruins

Game(s) Metroid Prime
Located in *Chozo Ruins
Weaknesses Super Missiles

Cordite is a durable material used extensively in Chozo architecture in Metroid Prime. Though structures constructed largely of Cordite can withstand bombardment from Beam weaponry, they are weak to powerful concussive blasts, such as those created by Super Missiles.[1]

Found primarily in Chozo settlements on Tallon IV, such as the Phendrana religious sites and the Chozo Ruins, they appear largely decorative but frequently conceal important objects, such as Power Conduits or Runic Symbols.[2] Space Pirates also used Cordite in their Glacier One labs and their mining facilities, and used Cordite and Bendezium to replace steel hatch covers.[3]

Scan Data



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    Super Missile is a Single Shot Charge Combo. Each shot costs 5 Missiles.
    Super Missiles can destroy objects made of Cordite.
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