Crash Site (Bryyo Cliffside)

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Crash Site (Bryyo Cliffside)
Game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


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Crash Site is a room in Bryyo, thus exclusive to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. This room is the crash site of the G.F.S. Theseus[1] and is named accordingly. The room consists of a small cliff with the Federation ship crashed across a large gap. Looking around shows a barren, large-spaced atmosphere of Bryyo.

When entering the room through Gateway, the first thing noticed is that a pair of Reptillici are frozen to a wall and ceiling. The frozen death of these two is presumed the work of the Phrygisian hunter, Rundas. Scans of these Reptillici indicate that there is Phazon infused within the ice,[2] meaning Rundas used Phazon-infused attacks to dispose of the creatures. Their bodies can be permanently destroyed by shooting them with the Plasma Beam.

Upon proceeding further in the room, Samus finds the Federation ship, Theseus, with three Bryyonian Shriekbats attached to it. These Shriekbats, as all Shriekbats, will dive down to attack Samus. To reach Theseus, Samus needs the Grapple Swing to swing across a large gap.

Once across, Samus must enter the ship and restore power to it before proceeding her mission. Because the door is missing power and locked, Samus has to enter through a tunnel small enough for only her Morph Ball to fit through. After busting through a Talloric Alloy obstruction,[3] Samus enters the ship through a small vacuum hatch. After restoring power to the ship, Samus can use the unlocked door to enter the ship. Additionally, if she enters the tunnel she used to enter before, she can now reach a previously unnavailable Missile Expansion. After reaching this higher floor, three Gragnol Adults will attack Samus.

Interestingly, Rundas is seen on a distant platform after returning power to G.F.S. Theseus. His silhouette is seen in standing on Bryyonian architecture. If Samus shoots his direction, Rundas will slide away using his power to control ice. This elusive behavior foreshadows Rundas's betrayal of Samus.

Scan Data


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