Dark Ingsmasher

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Dark Ingsmasher
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A Dark Ingsmasher


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes




Dark Aether


Ing Hive

Threat Capacity



Ingsmasher Missile Launcher

  • Shock waves
  • Melee attacks

Dark Ingsmashers are Ing-possessed variants of the powerful Luminoth-built Ingsmashers. Like their light counterparts, Dark Ingsmashers are capable of creating powerful shock waves by slamming their arms into the ground.[1] The Mechanoids can alternate between their arms to rapidly unleash a barrage of shock waves or create a much larger and most powerful wave by slamming both arms simultaneously. Any foes that are out of the shock waves range can still be attacked using missile launchers which fires four homing projectiles.[1] For targets that remain in arm's reach, Dark Ingsmashers merely use melee attacks.

Dark Ingsmashers are equipped with energy shields polarized with light and dark energy that can repel most attacks.[1] Though they are sturdy enough to resist multiple hits, weapons of the opposite polarity, such as the Dark Beam and Light Beam, and by extension, their respective Charge Combos, can overload the shields leaving the Dark Ingsmasher stunned.[1] The Annihilator Beam and Sonic Boom can also overload the shield regardless of its polarity.

Like all Darklings, Dark Ingsmashers are more resilient than their already formidable light counterparts. This increased resistance is still insufficient against a Power Bomb, which can bypass their shields completely and destroy a Dark Ingsmasher instantly.




Area Room Number in Room
Ing Hive Hive Portal Chamber
Ing Hive Hive Reactor


  • Unlike Ingsmashers, which disappear permanently after their destruction, Dark Ingsmashers eventually respawn.


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Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークイングスマッシャー  Dark Ing Smasher  

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