Dark Shredder

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Dark Shredder
Dark Shredder mp2 Logbook.png

A Dark Shredder


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Damages by



Light Beam

Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat

Dark Torvus Bog

Dark Shredders are Ing-possessed Shredders. Like Shredders, they attack by flying towards their targets then exploding once they reach a close enough distance. Weapons fire merely causes them to fill with energy, but Samus can exploit this by concentrating her weapons fire until they explode.[1] She can also explode them with the use of Missiles. Samus only encounters Dark Shredders when she is battling Chykka's larval form. After Chykka matures from its larval form, Dark Shredders will no longer appear nor can they be scanned again.



Area Room Number in Room
Dark Torvus Bog Dark Torvus Temple Varies 


  1. 1.0 1.1 "The hardy Shredder is a favorite possession target for Ing that dwell near dark water. Dark Shredders can lurk in the venomous liquid indefinitely, patiently waiting for prey. When agitated, it will emerge and begin to fly toward its foe. They are very resilient, but can be eliminated with concentrated weapons fire." — Logbook "Dark Shredder" (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークシュレッダー  Dark Shredder  

Warrior Ing Dark Creatures Dark Shredder

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Aether Dark Aether Offworld