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An Ing mass approaching Splinters for possession.

Darklings are creatures or machines possessed by the Ing. They were the Luminoth's first contact with the Ing, as the Ing cannot exist physically outside of Dark Aether.[1] Darklings become stronger and more resilient, but inherit the Ing's vulnerability to the Light Beam. They can sometimes gain added or enhanced abilities such as the ability to phase in Dark Pirate Commandos or the Dark Diligence Drones unleashing their energy at a much higher rate than Diligence Drones can.[2]

The creatures possessed by the Warrior Ing that stole Samus's equipment gain the abilities to use them, replacing some of their normal attacks in the process, such as the Power Bomb Guardian firing Power Bombs instead of the Sporb's toxic projectiles or the Grapple Guardian's use of the Grapple Beam over the Grenchler's electrical attacks.[3] On occasion, Darklings will lose abilities, such as the Dark Bloggs inability to fire sonic blasts.[4] The Luminoth are able to temporarily resist possession, but if they were to fail they would kill themselves before going under the control of the Ing.[5] Samus is immune to possession due to the Energy Transfer Module in her possession.



  • Darkling has the suffix "ing", which is probably coincidentally the name of the creatures that create Darklings.



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