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Main Species Sidehopper
Damages by
  • Stomping
  • Needles (only Fusion)

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Dessgeega are larger, purple, versions of Sidehoppers native to the planet Zebes. These bipeds attack by stomping or even shooting spikes grown on the creatures' bodies. They appear in Kraid's hideout, Ridley's hideout, the B.S.L station, and aboard the Bottle Ship. Dessgeega are susceptible to Overblasts.

Dessgeega's behavior is extremely aggressive. They tend to attack Samus and possibly other creatures on sight.


  • Aboard Frigate Orpheon, where Phazon experiments with many creatures took place, there is a chamber containing an extremely active creature inside. Scanning it reveals a logbook image that greatly resembles a creature of the Sidehopper family.

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