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Spire, the last remaining Diamont

Spire, the last remaining Diamont


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The Diamont are an ancient, silicon-based race whose physiology contains molten ferrous compounds normally found only in a planet's core.[2] The Bounty Hunter Spire is supposedly the last remaining Diamont in existence, and he aspires to solve the mystery of their disappearance.[3]

While little is revealed about them, the fact that Spire can transform at will into the Dialanche, a hypercondensed, spiked ferrous orb, without any technological enhancement suggests that this might be a natural defensive capability of all Diamonts. In this shape, Spire can scale flat surfaces and ram opponents.


  • Due to the chemical similarities between silicon and carbon, silicon-based life is a common hypothesis for life outside the regular carbon-based life. Though silicon-based life has never been observed or created, it is often a subject of science fiction.


The name Diamont may be derived from a type of phytoplankton, called a Diatom, with a unique silicate cell wall (made of hydrated silicon dioxide). This would be concurrent with the Diamont's silicon-based genetic makeup.


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