Diffusion Missile

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Diffusion Missile
Diffusion Missile.png


Metroid Fusion


Samus Aran

Located in

Sector 4 (AQA)


Single Missile per shot


Expands freezing radius of Ice Missile

Diffusion Missiles are essentially the charge beam equivalent of missiles. Like the Diffusion Beam, the projectile will burst into a wide radius on impact, and destroy everything within its reach. However, these destructive properties are not directly viewed, as the Diffusion Missile is never seen without the Ice Missile upgrade. Samus obtains it shortly after defeating Nightmare.

When paired with Ice Missiles, the blast will freeze every enemy in sight that is freezable.

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References[edit source]

  1. "Fire Diffusion Missiles while charged to release a powerful blast that damages enemies within a certain radius. Press and hold the R Button then fire the Missiles when charged up." Metroid Fusion Instruction Booklet, Pg 33

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