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Draygon is the boss of Maridia, a region on Planet Zebes, and is one of the four bosses that must be defeated to gain access to Tourian during the events of Super Metroid. Draygon resembles a crustacean with a hard outer shell. It is a fully matured Evir and produces hatchlings of the same species, indicating that the monster is likely female.


In order to defeat Draygon, Samus must aim Missiles and Super Missiles at her vulnerable underbelly. Alternatively, she may intentionally allow herself to be grabbed by the creature, and fire her Grapple Beam at the remains of the damaged turrets (optionally destroyed by Samus in the moments before the fight) on the wall. In this way, Samus can effectively electrocute Draygon in a matter of seconds while incurring minimal damage to herself.

Through the use of glitches and/or cheating, Samus can obtain the Plasma Beam and X-Ray Scope early. After firing a fully charged shot from the Plasma Beam, Samus can activate the X-Ray Scope repeatedly, causing multiple damaging strikes. In so doing, Draygon will technically be defeated with one shot, as demonstrated here.

Manual Information


  1. "The Draygon has an armor-like hard shell which gives it a lot of defensive strength." Super Metroid Instruction Booklet, Pg 32