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E-Recovery Tanks are expansions found in Metroid: Other M that allows Concentration to replenish more of Samus's energy. Each allow Samus to recover an additional Energy Tank. There are a total of three located onboard the Bottle Ship.

Locations of E-Recovery Tanks

Location Items needed Notes
Sector 1 Power Bombs Samus must head to near the Biosphere Test Area, then drop a Power Bomb near a sleeping Desbrachian. Defeating the beast grants access to the Tank.
Sector 2 Speed Booster Samus must use her Speed Booster to break through several ice formations along her way after gaining the Speed Booster, eventually reaching the Tank.
Sector 2 Gravity Suit Samus must travel to the southeastern portion of the sector, then use her Gravity Suit to move freely to the Tank.



  1. "Increases the amount of energy you can restore through Concentration. It also increases the threshold (the minimum amount of energy required) to perform Concentration." Metroid: Other M Instruction Booklet, Pg 16

Language Name Meaning
French Réserve de Récupération  Recovery Reserve  
Spanish Tanque de Recuperación  Recovery Tank