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Game(s) Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Region Kalandor Region
Solar System Federation Solar System
Neighboring Planets *Norion
Dominant Race Elysians
Current Status Uninhabitable (by most organisms)
Dancing Zoomer is inadequate

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Elysia is a planet in the Federation Solar System that appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. In Corruption, it is the third planet visited by Samus Aran, after Norion and Bryyo. There are three main bosses, Ghor, Defense Drone, and Helios. When Samus arrives on the planet to cure Aurora Unit 217, Samus's Gunship will land in the federation research station, SkyTown. Samus is employed by the Galactic Federation to destroy the Leviathan seed in Elysia.

Elysia is of great importance to the Galactic Federation. According to the Elysian Lore, the Chozo once inhabited Elysia. They had created drones, known as Elysians, to help with the creation of SkyTown. After the Chozo left, however, the drones were kept in stasis. The Galactic Federation infiltrated Elysia to collect information about the Space Pirates. The drones awoke and confronted the Galactic Federation, who suggested a trade: if they could gather information in SkyTown, they would supply parts and fuel for the Elysians. The drones agreed, and the Galactic Federation brought an Aurora Unit to collect information.

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