Energy Controller

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Energy Controller
Main Energy Controller mp2 Screenshot 01.png

The Main Energy Controller in the Great Temple

Game(s) Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Located in *Aether
Uses Regulates planetary energy
Creator(s) Luminoth

The Energy Controllers are part of a Luminoth Energy Control System used by the Luminoth to store and regulate the planetary energy on Aether as well as power a weather control system and a teleportation system.[1][2] Since Aether is a rogue planet without a sun, it was necessary for the Luminoth to construct them to preserve Aether's energy and prevent the planet from dying.[3] The Luminoth placed the primary energy controller in the Great Temple, then three sub-controllers in Agon, Torvus, and Sanctuary.[4] After a Leviathan impact, Aether was thrown into a state of Transdimensional Flux and Dark Aether was formed, complete with its own energy controllers and half of Aether's planetary energy.[5]

Samus uses the Energy Transfer Module to annex the Light of Aether from Energy Controllers on Dark Aether and restore it to the Energy Controllers in Aether's Temples.

The eight rooms that house energy controllers are the Main Energy Controller, Sky Temple Energy Controller, Agon Energy Controller, Dark Agon Energy Controller, Torvus Energy Controller, Dark Torvus Energy Controller, Sanctuary Energy Controller, and the Hive Energy Controller.




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