Freeze Gun

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Freeze Gun
Freeze Gun

A Freeze Gun


Metroid: Other M


Galactic Federation 07th Platoon


Freezes enemies (similar to Ice Beam)

A Freeze Gun is a weapon created and used by the Galactic Federation. This weapon has only appeared in Metroid: Other M and has only been equipped by the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon, though other characters have used the weapon. In the game, it is completely unobtainable by Samus. However, its properties are identical to those of the recurring and obtainable Ice Beam, a weapon she does activate in the game.

Freeze Guns used against the Brug Mass

The weapon is authorized for use in the Bottle Ship by Commander Adam Malkovich while he, the other members of the platoon, and Samus Aran engage the Brug Mass. The troopers concentrated fire onto each appendage of the Brug Mass. Once frozen, Samus shot a Missile to destroy the frozen areas.

Maurice Favreau's cause of death, as stated by Melissa Bergman (under the alias Madeline Bergman at the time) and implied by Favreau's body, was a Freeze Gun. Bergman tells Samus that Favreau was frozen to death by another Galactic Federation trooper that Samus names the Deleter, a traitor amongst the 07th Platoon.

Later, as Samus approaches an entrance to Sector Zero's most dangerous section, she is caught off guard and is frozen by a Freeze Gun. It is initially assumed that she was shot by the Deleter; however, the trooper shooting the gun also protects Samus by freezing a Metroid floating next to Samus about to attack her. It is revealed that it was Adam Malkovich shooting the Freeze Gun, disabling Samus to disallow her to enter Sector Zero's core.

James Pierce was also frozen to death by a Freeze Gun. It is assumed that MB obtained his Freeze Gun as Pierce attempted to destroy MB. MB then froze Pierce to death. She is later seen with presumably his weapon, threatening Samus and Madeline Bergman. After MB is frozen by incoming Galactic Federation Troopers, Madeline obtains Pierce's Freeze Gun. MB unfreezes herself, but is later shot by the Freeze Gun Madeline obtained.

A Freeze Gun's once again appears as Anthony Higgs explains how he saved his own life. In a flash back, after being attacked by Ridley, Anthony falls into a pit floored with lava. He managed to save himself, however, by freezing a Magdollite to use as a platform.