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Frigate Orpheon
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Frigate Orpheon in orbit above Tallon IV


Metroid Prime

  • 1 Missile Expansion
  • 2 Energy Tanks

Parasite Queen


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This article is about the ship seen in Metroid Prime. For the Super Smash Bros. Brawl stage, see Frigate Orpheon (stage).

Frigate Orpheon is a Space Pirate vessel that appears in Metroid Prime. Samus Aran intercepts the vessel after she receives a distress signal from its crew.[1]


Experimentation and Disaster

A Parasite Queen specimen Orpheon

Frigate Orpheon was one of three Space Pirate frigates that managed to retreat from orbit around Zebes after the destruction of the underground Space Pirate facilities.[2] Orpheon docked at Vortex Outpost with its load of Metroid cargo and later entered orbit around Tallon IV in search of promising life-forms upon which to perform mutagenic experiments with Phazon. Among the species procured from the planet for these experiments were Parasites, Plated Parasites, Shriekbats, Ice Shriekbats, Plazmites, War Wasps, and Zoomers. Of these, mutations of Parasite Queens were the most successful.

In time, two Parasite Queens escaped from their containment and killed much of the crew. The survivors managed to terminate one of the Queens and activate the distress beacon Samus received before abandoning ship. Others were gravely injured and still aboard when she arrived. When Samus infiltrates the frigate, she discovers the remaining Parasite Queen in the Reactor Core and engages it in battle. Upon its defeat, it falls into the ship's reactor and triggers a self-destruct sequence. Samus manages to escape, and what remains of the frigate crashes onto nearby Tallon IV.

While escaping, Samus comes across the rebuilt Meta Ridley, who abandons the vessel and flees to the planet below to oversee Space Pirate activity. Samus loses most of her upgrades during her escape from an explosion in an elevator shaft.

The Crashed Frigate

The Frigate Crash Site

After Samus obtains the Gravity Suit in Phendrana Drifts, she is able to explore the downed Orpheon, resting at the Frigate Crash Site, now flooded with water. Aqua Reapers, Tallon Crabs, and Aqua Sacs have infested the frigate, and a few Aqua Pirates have entered it, most likely searching for survivors.

As the ship's main power is offline, Samus must activate Power Conduits with her Wave Beam and Thermal Visor to progress through much of the area. The vessel only has one Missile Expansion and two Energy Tanks.

Traveling through the crashed frigate is the only means of entering the Phazon Mines without Power Bombs.

Scan Data

Other Appearances

Main article: Frigate Orpheon (stage)

"Frigate Orpheon" is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. A Parasite Queen is seen hanging in the background. The stage is unique in that it occasionally flips one hundred eighty degrees, slightly changing the terrain. This feature, however, does not reflect any abilities of the actual frigate. There is also a stage in Echoes' multiplayer mode called Sidehopper Station that greatly resembles the Frigate Orpheon.



  • The large doors found throughout Frigate Orpheon are the same model as the hatches above the elevators in the various transports between regions in Prime, as seen here.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フリゲートオルフェオン  Frigate Orpheon  
Dutch Frigate Orpheon  Frigate Orpheon  
French Frégate Orphéon  Frigate Orpheon  
German Fregatte Orpheon  Frigate Orpheon  
Italian Fregata Orpheon  Frigate Orpheon  
Korean 프리깃 오르피온  Frigate Orpheon  
Russian Фрегат Орфеон  Frigate Orpheon  
Spanish Fragata Orpheon  Frigate Orpheon  

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