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Frost Cave

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Phendrana Drifts

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The Frost Cave is a room in the Phendrana Drifts. The room is composed mostly of large ice structures and rock formations. The room connects the Frost Cave Access, the Upper Edge Tunnel, and Save Station C using Purple Doors. The three doors are each found on a series of ledges at opposite ends of the room. The Frost Cave Access ledge can be climbed from the bottom, but the others cannot be climbed without knocking down a Stalactite from the ceiling with a Missile. The bottom of the cave is a lake with a frozen sheet of ice on top. A Missile Expansion can be obtained underneath the ice by knocking a certain Stalactite from the ceiling. This Stalactite can only be dislodged from a special high ledge that can only be accessed using a Glider. A Hunter Metroid can be found in the center of the cave, but some versions do not have the Metroid in them. The reason for this is unknown.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Creature Number Encountered
Hunter Metroid 1  Visits until the Gravity Suit is obtained  
Flying Pirate 2  After obtaining the Gravity Suit  
Glider 1  All visits  
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