Fuel Stack

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Fuel Stack
Fuel Stack.png

The Fuel Stack

Game(s) Metroid Prime Hunters
Features Antigravity Beam
Weapons *Affinity Weapon (two)
Powerups *Double Damage
Unlocked by Playing 20 local games

The Fuel Stack is a room in Metroid Prime Hunters on the Vesper Defense Outpost. Samus must climb the room with a time limit to activate the cooling system.


This stage consists of a very tall room with surrounding corridors. The main room has a large antigravity beam in the center of it. This beam will propel a player upwards, eventually killing them if they do not leave the beam. The lowest level has two Affinity Weapons. A Double Damage can be found on a low hidden beam. The middle area is icy and has the Judicator and the Battlehammer in it. The upper level has nothing of interest, but if the antigravity beam is used to propel the hunter up, a small ledge can be found with the Imperialist. The side corridors have the Shock Coil and the Volt Driver, along with another Affinity Weapon, in them. A Cloak can be found high on a beam in one room.


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