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Fune and Namihe

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Fune and Namihe


Metroid: Other M


Subterranean Control Room (Sector 1 (Biosphere))



Fission Metroid
Fission Metroid

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Fune and Namihe are two worm like beasts that lurk in the Subterranean Control Room in Sector 1 of the Bottle Ship. When Samus enters the Subterranean Control Room after obtaining the Diffusion Beam, they will attack and create several holes in the walls and ceiling of the room. The two worm beasts will pop in and out of the holes in the room to fire orbs of energy out at Samus. To defeat them, Samus uses her Missiles to get them to fall out of their hole and then follows up with a Charge Beam shot to stun them. To finish them of Samus uses Lethal Strike to fire a Charge Beam right down their throats.