G.F.S. Theseus

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G.F.S. Theseus
Game(s) Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Owner Galactic Federation
Class Griffin-class[1]
Status Nonfunctional
Dancing Zoomer is inadequate

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This article is about the G.F.S. Theseus itself. For the room of the same name, see G.F.S. Theseus (room).

G.F.S. Theseus is a Galactic Federation ship that crash landed on Bryyo near Gateway and Falls of Fire. Apparently, it was previously unknown where the ship was, as Samus was the one who located it.[1] This leaves the assumption that the crew did not survive. Samus initially can't reach the ship, but is able to Grapple Swing her way onto the ship after finding the upgrade. There is a room of the same name located within the Theseus.

There are two ways for Samus to enter the G.F.S. Theseus. Samus can initially only enter using the Morph Ball entrance requiring Morph Ball Bombs to break obtruding Talloric Alloy. Using this entrance, Samus falls through a Vacuum hatch that can only be opened from one side. Once Samus returns power to the ship, she can either use the Blue Door to enter or use the Morph Ball entrance. After returning power to the ship, the Morph Ball entrance can also be used to lead to an upper level of the ship in Crash Site, where a Missile Expansion rests.

Once inside, there is a single Atomic within the ship to be destroyed with Samus's Charge Beam. Samus then restores power to the ship using her Grapple Lasso. Once power is returned, a satellite interface unit allows Samus to download a map of Bryyo using the satellite it receives information from.


Like most Federation vessels, the G.F.S. Theseus is named after a prominent figure in ancient Earth mythology. In ancient Greece, Theseus was an Athenian hero best known for slaying the monstrous Minotaur.

Scan Data


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