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Gandrayda as seen in Corruption

Gandrayda artwork from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Gandrayda is a shape-shifting humanoid that assists Samus in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. She is a hunter that treats her work more like a hobby.


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Gandrayda is hired along with the other bounty hunters by the Galactic Federation to combat the Phazon virus infecting their Aurora Units. When the Space Pirates launch an attack on Norion, Gandrayda assists Samus in restoring power to three generators needed to active the planetary defense system and destroy an incoming Leviathan. She disguises herself as a Space Pirate and helps Samus eliminate other Pirates. With this, she allows Samus to pass forward to complete the task of reactivating a generator, which was deactivated by Space Pirates. After the attack by Dark Samus, she gained Phazon generating abilities like the other hunters. The Galactic Federation created a PED device for her, which she wears around her neck. She was then sent to attempt to locate the Pirate Homeworld.

After traveling to the Homeworld's Research Facility and becoming corrupted by Phazon, Gandrayda becomes a major Space Pirate officer. She later disguises herself as a Federation Marine in an attempt to outwit and destroy Samus. This ploy fails, however, as Samus quickly detects the attempted surprise attack and engages in combat with Gandrayda.

After a long and difficult battle, Samus defeats Gandrayda. Lying on the ground in agony, Gandrayda uncontrollably shapeshifts into a Space Pirate, Ghor, Rundas, and Samus before being assimilated by Dark Samus. She is the last of Samus's comrades to die.

Boss Strategy

Gandrayda is quite agile, often running and flipping around the room, making it difficult for Samus to harm her. She can throw homing energy blades, create a shockwave in Samus's direction, and even claw and hit Samus if close enough. In this latter case, Samus must physically shake her off. Worthy of note is that hitting her with a charged Beam shot will knock her onto the ground momentarily. As Gandrayda takes damage, she puts her shapeshifting abilities to use, becoming a Berserker Knight, an Aerotrooper, and a Swarmbot. She utilizes Phazon-based variants of their attacks and shares their respective weaknesses.

Eventually, she opens a portion of the roof, exposing the outer portion of the battlefield to acid rain. She then uses the same attacks from before, with the additional ability to take the forms of Rundas, Ghor, and when damaged enough, Varia Suit Samus, which enables her to use the Boost Ball. Like Rundas and Ghor before her, she soon enters Hypermode, which increases her speed and attack power, and she can become invisible.




  1. "Gandrayda possesses the metamorphic ability to assume the form and abilities of other creatures. This talent has led many to seek her out for stealth and reconnaissance missions, despite her powerful combat capabilities. Details on the subject's origins and age are unknown, but her unique traits have made her a sought-after Hunter for missions." —Logbook (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)
  2. "Gandrayda's ability to shape-shift has been greatly enhanced by Phazon exposure, allowing her to assume a number of deadly forms at will. These new forms come with a cost, as she also inherits their weaknesses. A mistress of stealth, she will employ her personal cloaking field often, setting up her next deadly attack. An advanced visor system may be able to detect her location." —Logbook (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

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