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A Geemer in Metroid Prime

Main Species Zoomer
Damages by




Threat Capacity

Damaging, non-hostile

Natural Habitats

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Geemers are creatures that are evolutionary offshoots of Zoomers.[1] Geemers are more resilient to attack, taking more shots or being immune altogether. They are always vulnerable to Missiles. Their appearance is similar to Zoomers, but red in color. They are sometimes shown with retractable spikes. In Metroid: Other M, they also have increased intelligence, following their target. Like Zoomers, they are also considered pests on Zebes.




Trophy Info

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS


  • In Japan, the Prime series is the only one to make the distinction between a Zoomer and a Geemer.




A Geemer in action.


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  2. "Geemers crawl on floors and walls." Super Metroid Instruction Booklet, Pg 15
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジーマ  Geemer  
Japanese ギーマー  Geemer  

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