Gene Kohler

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Gene Kohler
Gene Kohler.jpg

Gene Kohler's ArtStation photo

  • Character Artist (formerly)

Metroid Prime

Gene Kohler is a character artist credited in Metroid Prime. His works include modeling and texturing Samus's armorsuits, Gunship, Morph Balls, and weapons, and various creatures.[1] The so-called Meta Kraid, which never made it into the final version of the game, was also modeled and skinned by Gene Kohler.



  1. "I had the pleasure of modeling and texturing Samus Aran's various armor suits, her morph balls, and many creatures for Nintendo's\Retro Studio's Metroid Prime. I also textured her weapons and Gun ship. I worked with Andrew Jones, Chris Voellmann, and Todd Keller in posing Samus for a variety of marketing images... one of which appeared to be used for First4Figures statue!" Gene Kohler- Character Artist, ArtStation