Generator C

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Generator C is one of the three generators of Planet Norion that power its Planetary Defense System. One of the few times that the Generator had to be activated was when a Leviathan was hurtling towards Norion from Phaaze, to further spread Phazon Corruption throughout the galaxy. When Samus Aran was ordered to activate the Generator, she met up with Bounty Hunter Gandrayda, who defeated the Space Pirate forces in the Generator's room. After it was activated by Samus in a series of Bomb Slot puzzles, Meta Ridley appeared from atop the shaft, and the two engaged in a battle in the shaft below. After Ridley is defeated by Samus, the Hunters race to the Control Tower to activate the Defense System. In a player's point of view, a four-minute timer would start that indicates when the Leviathan will land and destroy the facility.

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