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Ghor without his armorsuit

Ghor as he appears without his armorsuit


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption



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Ghor is a biomechanical organism and Bounty Hunter hired by the Galactic Federation, along with Rundas and Gandrayda. He appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and serves as an ally at the beginning of the game and then the eighth boss after being Corrupted.


Early Life and Norion


Ghor was once much larger than he is in Corruption, due to the loss of 94% of his original body in a massive battle to protect the planet Wotan VII.[1] He is considered by many to be very intelligent and friendly, but when he begins fighting, he can become merciless. Ghor is the owner of a giant robotic armor suit built to be compatible with his cyborg body. While in it, Ghor has complete control over the limbs, weapons, and functions of this suit, making him noticeably angrier. He attacks with a large arsenal of weapons, primarily the Plasma Beam, which Samus later acquires from him in Elysia.

During the attacks on Norion, Ghor is not seen until after Samus deactivates Generator A. He appears battling and making quick work of a Berserker Knight, clearing the path to Generator C. He later appears in an elevator leading up to the Main Deck, where Dark Samus attacks the four bounty hunters with a powerful burst of Phazon.

Phazon Corruption

Ghor in his corrupted armorsuit.

After being sent out to Planet Elysia to destroy the Leviathan Seed, he becomes corrupted by Phazon after misusing his PED Suit. He breaks the power lines that connect Aurora Unit 217 to the Galactic Federation Network. He, clad in his armorsuit, then ventures to the Landing Site where Samus's Gunship resides (Elysia's SkyTown) and damages it greatly. After picking it up and throwing it in Samus's direction, he and Samus then engage in a battle. His attacks include leaping into the air and creating a shockwave upon impact with the ground, charging at Samus, firing missiles, spinning in random directions (an attack which can be halted by the Boost Ball), and unleashing a large cylindrical laser that he sweeps in a wide arc. Samus can stun him by aiming at the generator on his back, a simple task if Samus freezes the pools of Fuel Gel on the battlefield, on which Ghor will slip and crash into the wall. Once Ghor is stunned, the shield previously activated in front of him is disabled, providing access to his head. Samus must damage him until the second phase of the battle begins. The pools of Fuel Gel evaporate, and Ghor uses many of his attacks from the first phase. Eventually, he will enter Hypermode, forcing Samus to do the same in order to damage him. Eventually, Samus defeats him. As he comes to his senses, he tries to transform his armorsuit into his Gunship, but it explodes before he can leave. Left in his base form, he is suspended in mid-air and at Dark Samus's mercy. The entity absorbs Ghor's Phazon just as it did with Rundas on Bryyo, and Ghor's remains decay and disappear, making Ghor the second of Samus's comrades to die.



GF Data


  • While the hunters are in the elevator to the Main Deck on Norion, a hard to notice decrease in Ghor's armorsuit size is visible. This was probably performed simply to fit him in the elevator.


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    Subject can merge his cybernetic body into larger mechanisms, including gunships and fightercraft. This merging will alter Ghor's personality, and he will become incredibly aggressive and violent. Data indicates a high proficiency with computer infiltration and manipulation. High level of mechanical empathy with artificial intelligence.
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