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Glacier One
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Glacier One is the Space Pirate research outpost established in the Phendrana region in the mountains of Tallon IV.[1] Though the frigid conditions of Phendrana sometimes caused malfunctions in security and the local predators caused casualties, the sub-zero temperatures were ideal for handling Metroid test subjects. Science Team conducted various experiments here, with emphasis put on Phazon-infusion and thermal imaging.

The three main laboratories in the Research Headquarters are Research Lab Hydra, Research Lab Aether, and the Research Core. Other main areas include the Observatory and the Control Tower.


Metroid Studies

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Metroids brought to Tallon IV on Frigate Orpheon were studied by Space Pirates who were interested in utilizing them as weapons or power sources.[2] Phazon-infusion experiments began shortly after discovery of the mutagen, producing such mutated strains as Fission Metroids and Hunter Metroids.

Project Titan

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Space Pirates began experimentation on inanimate objects with Phazon radiation with the goal of mutating them to sentience, code-named Project Titan.[3] Experimentation on Phazon Ore resulted in the creature Thardus, which became so violent that the Space Pirates eventually suspended the project indefinitely.[4]

Project Helix

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Promising results with Phazon-infusion in other test subjects tempted the Space Pirates to begin infusing the mutagen into their own DNA.[5] Initial infusion in embryos were disastrous, causing severe mental degeneration, but successful mutations of Parasites using a Phazon strain known as Vertigo, discovered by Research Team Sclera, led to infusion of Space Pirates with it.[6] After tangible results were achieved, the project was moved to the Phazon Mines.

Thermal Imaging

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When the Space Pirates were working to tame Thardus, they realized that weakness in the Phazon Ore that made up its structure could be detected using Thermal Imaging.[7] With the aim of using it to eventually conjure solutions to those structural flaws, the Space Pirates began Thermal Imaging research with great success.[8][9]


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