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Glider mp1 Screenshot 02.png

A Glider


Metroid Prime

Threat Capacity

Non-damaging, non-hostile

Natural Habitat

Gliders are large, airborne life forms that appear in Metroid Prime.


The Glider's exoskeleton consists of a magnetic underside and a hard outer shell. The creature flies in a set path, much like the Ripper. The Glider is one of the two organisms that Samus Aran can record in her Logbook that do no physical body harm, the other being the Tangle Weed. The main use that Samus has for the Glider is its magnetic underbelly, which she can latch onto with her Grapple Beam.

Gliders are vulnerable to the Ice Beam and can be frozen to force the creature to stay in one place, making swinging across gaps much easier for Samus. The Glider seems to let out a cry of some sort when they are grappled onto, most likely because of the creature feeling threatened or being in pain.

Their magnetic signature is attuned to common Grapple Beam technology, which inspired the sport of Glider Riding.



  • Ironically, the only piece of Glider artwork shows an overhead view, while throughout the game Samus can only see the underside of a Glider due to their high elevation.



  1. "The Glider is a docile, airborne creature with unusual magnetic properties. Gliders live a relatively peaceful existence. They have a magnetic signature attuned to common Grapple Beam technology; the sport of 'Glider riding' involves using a Grapple to attach to a Glider, then attempting to stay on it as long as possible." — Logbook "Glider" (Metroid Prime)

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