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Gold Zebesian

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Gold Zebesian
A gilded Zebesian

A Gold Zebesian from Metroid Fusion


Metroid Fusion


Sector 1 (SRX)

  • Laser cannon
  • Jump kick

Attacks from behind

Gold Zebesians are a variety of Zebesian created by the X Parasites in Metroid Fusion. They are found in Sector 1 (SRX). When Samus destroys the creatures in the floor, the freed X form into Gold Zebesians. Like other gold creatures in Fusion, the created Zebesian must be destroyed to bypass a locked hatch. Normally, their front is invulnerable while their back is exposed. However, due to a glitch, Samus can damage Gold Zebesians if she turns quickly, effectively meaning that Samus can damage Gold Zebesians only if she and the Zebesian are facing the same way. Their behavior and battle technique is identical to that of the Silver Zebesian.

Sprite[edit | edit source]

Game Gold Zebesian
Metroid Fusion Gold Zebesian - Fusion

Video[edit | edit source]

A Gold Zebesian killed normally and using the glitch mentioned above

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