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Gorea is the main antagonist of the Alimbic War and of Samus's mission in the Alimbic Cluster. It is the final boss of Metroid Prime Hunters, and only boss of the Oubliette.


Alimbic War Period

Gorea crashed upon one of the Alimbics' homeworlds in the Alimbic Cluster, beginning the Alimbic War conflict. It arrived in the cluster in the form of a comet, and soon after demonstrated its ability to alter its own atomic structure by turning into a vapor.[1] Somehow Gorea managed to replicate the Alimbic cellular structure, and went from the vapor to the solid Alimbic form.[2]

This new form gave Gorea the same intellect as the Alimbics. The Alimbics were now at war with their own being, and never before had such an enemy. As the war continued, Gorea gained a reputation of being the most terrifying being in the universe[3], slaughtering thousands of Alimbics and causing a cancerous destruction across the entire civilization. Alimbics eventually came to the horrific conclusion that Gorea could not be destroyed by a weapon in the cluster, including the Omega Cannon.[4]

Last Resort

As a last resort to end the Alimbic War conflict, the Alimbic Order of Elders met to discuss the creation of a caging mechanism to capture Gorea.[5] The desire to save their own race became the desire to save the races of the universe from this abomination.[6] The caging mechanism the Order decided on became known as the Seal Sphere.[7] With the creation of the sphere, the Alimbics acted quickly to ensnare Gorea with the technology.

Once ensnared, the Seal Sphere system went further development to provide additional security against Gorea. The Alimbics transfered their own essence into the technology as a insurance engine[8] for the sphere's other engine: Gorea's own limitless power.[9] An additional Seal Sphere is placed around Gorea, which immobilized the creature.[10] This prevented it from any form changes.

The final measures of the Seal Sphere were to seal it in an interdimensional prison[11], the Oubliette, and to send the prison into an alternate dimension known as the Infinity Void.[12] The system of Seal Spheres were placed deep in the Oubliette, from which there is no escape. The prison was sent into the Infinity Void via a large firing mechanism known as the Alimbic Cannon, a device that would later be restored through the eight Octoliths.

As a result of this last resort, the Alimbics disappeared from the Alimbic Cluster, leaving it in ruin and further unattended to; however, it left Gorea completely contained for thousands to tens of thousands of years.

Mission File 79109

Unfortunately, the containment system in place on Gorea eventually declined enough for the creature to perform a telepathic communication across dimensions and to the enlightened of the modern universe. This message was designed with the intent of giving Gorea a chance to fully escape through a deceptive lure of "ultimate power" in the Alimbic Cluster. Many organizations received this message and sent out their best warriors into investigate the cluster and secure the power. One such warrior is the famed hunter, Samus Aran.

As the mission progresses, Samus learns of the fate of the Alimbic people through their datashades. Despite reading the Alimbics' final wish, Samus continues with her assigned mission involving the "ultimate power" and gathers all eight Octoliths. Returning to the depths of Alinos, Samus discovers the Alimbic Cannon Control Room and restores power to the mechanism. The Alimbic Cannon fires off into the heavens and a rift opens just beyond the planet to reveal the Oubliette.

With the Oubliette now in plain sight, the seven hunters race to this new destination in hopes of finding and securing the "ultimate power" first. Samus hurries through the prison, and enters the main chamber of the Oubliette where the other six hunters are now firing away at a structure in the center of the room. Upon the destruction of this object, Gorea emerges having been freed from immobilization and goes to attack the six hunters. Their life force is sucked from them, including their affinity weapons, and they vanish from the room after Gorea disconnects from them. Gorea now turns to the last hunter, Samus Aran, and encounters her with its recent spoils of battle.


Phase 1

At the start of the encounter, Gorea releases a dark vapor up into the chamber in a dark colored form before changing into the yellow armored Battlehammer user form. Samus, using her Scan Visor, will learn that there is a weak spot in the shoulders of the being[13], and unless these are destroyed, Gorea will continue to cycle through the hunters' affinity weapons after a round of attacks. It is reccommended to destroy Gorea's arms in its Judicator, Imperialist and Shock Coil user forms using the Magmaul, Shock Coil and Imperialist respectively on the shoulders.

When Gorea's arms are destroyed, it will rise and flip itself in a sustained hovering state. In this position, Gorea uses two attacks upon Samus. The first involves the use of a single tentacle that chases after Samus. If Samus is caught by the tentacle, she will be swung around the room, directions being changed throughout, and eventually slammed into the floor of the chamber unless she causes enough damage to the Gorea Seal Sphere during the attack. The second attack uses multiple psionic tentacles to lift the Trocra located around the outskirts of the arena. Once overhead of Gorea, these tectacles will shake after a second or two as an effort to fling the Trocra at Samus below. The Trocra act as biological bombs for Gorea in this state.

Once Gorea Phase 1 is defeated, the creature will be shown writhing on the floor of the chamber until the Gorea Seal Sphere explodes. This causes a chain reaction in the Oubliette, causing the entire complex to explode with Samus inside. This is the only ending in the series that has Samus dying; however, to avoid this fate, Samus needs to complete the Alimbic Prophecy sequence.

Phase 2

Gorea 2 can only be encountered through the completion of the Alimbic Prophecy sequence during the Gorea Phase 1 encounter. To do this, Samus must activate the colored switches placed in the upper outskirts of the arena in the correct order. Samus must shoot the yellow, green, orange, blue, violet and red switches in that order with the Volt Driver, Battlehammer, Magmaul, Shock Coil, Judicator and Imperialist respectively. If successful, Samus will receive a message and upon defeating Gorea's first form, she will be warped to a deeper arena to encounter Gorea's final form.

Despite apparently taking damage in the previous chamber with the completion of the Alimbic Prophecy sequence, Gorea 2 is an even faster form of Gorea with higher stats in offense and defense. The Alimbic essence in the Seal Sphere system has also left as a result of the completion of the sequence.[14] Gorea 2's defense is so great in fact that none of Samus's current weapons can damage Gorea, so she must depend on the arena's weapon: the Omega Cannon. After Samus causes one of Gorea 2's six glowing dots to black out using the Omega Cannon, Gorea 2 will teleport to the top of the area and start generating flaming projectiles that can pass through the environment as they target Samus. Samus must reach the top of the stage to continue to damage Gorea 2. Samus can beat Gorea 2 here though it is more likely that it will again teleport away from her.

Upon hitting Gorea 2 with the final Omega Cannon shot to deplete the boss's health bar, it will release an energy burst and partially explode. In the following scene, the monster is shown to still be stable until it floats upwards where it explodes. Oddly, this explosion starts in Gorea 2's head region. This explosion causes a chain reaction in the Oubliette that causes the prison to explode albeit this time Samus Aran escapes alive seemingly with the other six hunters.


Gorea is a being capable of changing its shape, cellular structure and atomic structure.[15][16] Due to these abilities, Gorea has no consistent physical form. It does appear that it has a preference of destroying races as one of their own, beginning the ambush in a comet then vapor form until it manages to replicate the race's cellular structure. Gorea shares many traits and terminology with most of the series' horrific threats. Like the Metroid, Gorea is capable of devouring the life force of its prey and gaining power from such attacks.[17] The X Parasite and Gorea share the ability to replicate their selves with the cellular structure of their victims and are capable of assimilating their victims' technology.[18] In terms of shared terminology, Phazon and Gorea share the term "cancerous", respectively called a cancerous element and cancerous bloom.[19]

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